Artist In Focus: Kale


Hiya, Festers! Welcome to the first official post of this season’s blogs. We are excited to keep y’all up-to-date with Fest artists, vendors, adventures, things to look forward to… So here we present a series of Artist Profiles! Keep an eye out for a new artist to be featured every week, who will be playing on either Friday or Saturday of the Fest. We will sit down with the artists to discuss music, inspiration, folk, the Fest, anything that we think will add to the wonderful experience that will be April 24th and 25th!

We are stoked to begin our Artists In Focus series with a wonderful band from RISD, Kale!


Tell us a little bit about yourself! Where are you from? What brought you to Providence?

I’m from Korea, I moved out here about eight years ago. I came to Providence on my own when I visited RISD. I was walking around — I like not-so-crowded places — and saw the trees and small buildings. I like the people, too, it’s like a small, packed bubble with more students around! I was on RISD beach, and the weather was really nice, and I was sitting there and said: “Yeah, it’s cool!”

When did you start Kale? 

Kale was my name when I went to high school in California! I decided to be Kale. On the first plane to America, the person who sat next to me was trying to figure out my Korean name. Then we tried to come up with an English-sounding name, so I thought that Kale was cool! Then, later on I found out it was a vegetable… Now it’s kind of a superfood all of a sudden, right? So maybe it makes more sense now!

I started Kale as a band this summer. I usually play on my own — it’s more like a project when I play with other people.

Do you think that RISD has impacted your sound or music in any way?

Yeah, yeah! I started playing when I started going to school here. I ended up living on the music floor, where people had instruments and things like that. So I started borrowing guitars and learning a bit more there! I knew how to play before, but I think that’s where I started playing more with friends, and making music together.

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