Artist in Focus: Sage Snider

Folk Fest is proud to present, for the second year in a row, Sage Snider. See her play on Saturday, April 25th.


Sage Snider describes herself as a “radical fiddler.” Hers is truly a show you have to see to believe. Simultaneously combine one part fiddling, one part singing, and one part tap dancing and you can start to imagine exactly how radical the experience is.

Sage started playing violin under the Suzuki  method at the age of three, learning to read music before learning to read. Her mastery of classical violin lead her to a violin conference wherein she first discovered fiddling. She fell in love with playing and interpreting music beyond the notes on the page and has been doing just that ever since. A self-described, “obsessive-practicer,” Sage surrounds herself with her many instruments so, in a moments notice, she can translate her thoughts into sounds.

Sage comes from a family comprised of composers and prodigies and certainly fits right in. While an undergrad at Yale, she played in both the Symphony Orchestra and Bluegrass Band. She’s lived in Vermont as a resort musician and a member of a rock band. Currently, she’s pursuing a graduate degree at Brown studying American History and Music History.

For Sage, growing musically is growing socially. She collaborates with other musicians once a week and loves the challenge of navigating a new group dynamic. She feels inspired by the musical conversations she has through her instrument and strives to “jam intelligently.” She’s also inspired by her favorite artists, some of whom she’s studied under, such as Chris Thile, Mark O’Connor, Bruce Molsky, and Casey Drissen.

We were completely blow away by her set at last year’s Folk Festival, which she earned after winning our Student Battle of the Bands. Sage is currently preparing a Solo Show within the TAPS department at Brown, drawing a lot of influence from Civil War era fiddling. We can expect her trying out some new pieces from her studies at this year’s Folk Fest. While talking with us, Sage also discussed how she loves covering music because it allows her to translate more emotion and personal sentiment through her interpretation. In following last year’s covers of “If I Die Young” and “Devil Went Down To Georgia,” we can expect to be moved and awed by more covers this year.

Don’t miss this opportunity to see an incredibly dedicated and talented Brunonian folk out on Lincoln Field, April 25th.