Folk yeah!

We folk festers think that one of the best parts about the Fest is not only the product (who doesn’t love that day of sunshine, banjos, dancing, facepaint, henna…), but the process! So much goes into putting together this Fest for y’all, and we want to take everyone along for the ride.

This blog is a new adventure for us — more than anything, we want to share more about the artists and creatives that we feature during the Fest. The best part of folk is the storytelling and engaging music… so why wouldn’t we continue that storytelling beyond the day of the Fest?

We’ll keep you posted with featured artists, vendors, playlists, photos… anything that we think would add to your Fest experience, we’ll share as soon as we can! So stay tuned, y’all, exciting things are ahead…

PS. Below you’ll find updates from past years — take a peek to see what exciting events could be happening in 2015!

One thought on “Welcome!

  1. Caryl-Ann says:

    Oh poo!! This year you’ve picked the same weekend as NEFFA (New England Folk Festival) in Mansfield (MA), where thousands will be flocking from all over the country, including us. DexterFiddles will have a Juried Crafts Room vendor booth Friday through Sunday there, but it doesn’t open until 5pm on Friday. What are y our Friday hours? We’ve had a booth at your folk festival since the very first one and hate to miss it!!

    Please let us know more of your plans.

    Caryl-Ann and Deck http://www.dexterfiddles.com

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